Frank Naumann and Fabian Bauer advise companies and entrepreneurs, publishers, artists and freelancers on matters of information technology, intellectual property, media and copyright law as well as commercial, corporate and contract law.

From the start our law firm specialized on legal services for professionals and businesses. Before Mr. Naumann founded Kanzlei | Naumann in July 2010 he was a long term partner of a medium-sized law firm specializing in business law. Mr. Bauer has been working with Mr. Naumann since his postgraduate education and joined the firm when he was admitted to the bar in 2017.

We offer a personal and pragmatic approach to advising and representing our clients with specialized know-how in the fields mentioned above.

We work both in English and German and are therefore used to communicate, conduct negotiations, or draft agreements and other documents in English, if you should want or otherwise need that to be the case. We communicate in Spanish as well.